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This Month we will complete Unit 6- Addition and Subtraction and the Number System

  • The following skills and concepts are the “big ideas” that are developed in this theme:
    • Counting, Quantity, and Cardinality

    o Arrange and compare sets using one-to-one correspondence
    o Count by ones
    o Compare quantities
    o Build sets
    o Match numerals to sets
    o Write numbers from 0-20
    o Develop conservation of number, cardinality, and instant recognition of quantities

Reading/ Language Arts-Homework!

It's that time again, the April homework calendar and reading log are due! Please hand in your homework calendar by Wednesday, May 4! The May homework calendar is coming home today! At the end of the month, return the completed calendar. Also, tomorrow students will be bringing home new sight words for the month of May. Please cut the words apart and attach to the ring. This is a good way to practice sight words, as new words come home each month you will add them to the ring! We have been assessing students in class on their knowledge of sight words to date, please remember to review old sight words throughout the week as well as the current month's words!

Parents... all that reading at home is paying off!!! I have been very excited to hear your children reading in class, they are very proud of themselves. Keep reading at home and encouraging your children to read independently. The May reading log is coming home today! Once your child has read a book, you can record it on the reading log. At the end of the month please return your reading log with your monthly homework chart.

Our essential question or theme for Unit 10: How can new ideas help us?

CCSS we will continue to develop this month....

1. identify characters, settings, and major events in the texts. (RL.3)

2. retell stories using key details. (RL.2)

3. describe the connection between two individuals, events, ideas, or pieces of information in texts. (RI.3)

4. describe the relationship between illustrations and the text in which they appear. (RI.7)

5. participate in collaborative conversations and confirm their understanding by asking and answering questions.

*Please reinforce these skills as you read nightly for 10 minutes!

Patriots and Defenders Program!

Yeah!!! We are all "Yankee Doodles"!!! Your children are all patriots and have learned all the requirements for the patriots and defenders program. We will be celebrating this accomplishment with a school wide assembly on May 31st.

Dates to Remember


2nd- STAR Lab, wear socks!

6th & 7th - School Play ( Your child will see it in school on Friday!)

16th- Kindergarten Conference Day (No school for kindergarten this day!)

30- Memorial Day (School Closed!)

June 2nd- Sports Day & Kindergarten Picnic ( more info. to follow)

June 3rd- Field Trip to the Baltimore Co. Library ( more info. to follow)

Adventures with Pete the Cat!

This month the following friends will be bringing home Pete the Cat to write about their adventures with him over the weekend!

Friday, May 6th - Ruting Mei

Friday, May 13th- Daniel Peng

Technology Update!

Students continue to develop and expand their use of technology in the classroom! During the month of April students have been learning to use a program called WIXIE! This program uses clip art, writing, and drawing to share ideas. If you would like to check out your child's Wixie projects follow the steps below:

  1. BCPS One- same login students use at school
  2. Reading/Language Arts
  3. Wixie
  4. My Projects

Kindergarten Conferences

Yesterday I sent out an e-mail for parents to sign up for your child's spring kindergarten conference on Monday, May 16th. If you have not yet signed up for a conference, please follow the link below! Thanks:)