LMS: Taking Care of Harassment

What does it mean?

ONE-WAY UnWanted Behavior

Harassment is one-sided, on purpose, repeated and this type of behavior is hurtful. We want you to tell the person to stop. If the person doesn't stop and the behavior continues please tell an adult. What makes harassment from bullying and teasing different is that it is against the law.

Bias: What is It?

"Bias is prejudice. It can be hard to detect, because it’s in people’s hearts and minds. You can’t see inside someone’s heart of mind... but you can study behaviors. Bias and prejudice are often revealed through behaviors. There are things that people might do if they have bias towards someone or a group of people based on their race, skin color, national origin, ancestry, religion, physical and mental disability, gender, and sexual orientation."

Brandon Baldwin Maine Civil Rights Project.