Stamps Scholars @UCLA

Stamps Convention at Georgia Tech.

Humidly Good Fun with Fellow Scholars

April 10 was a date we all marked on our calendars, as we packed our bags to fly out on the 9th. This year, the convention held at Georgia Tech., the home school of the Stamps Foundation, and it was for many of us, an eye opener! It pumped us up with leadership skills and motivation to take a little bit of Georgia spirit with us, be it peach jellybeans or in my case mud...lots of mud!

Adventure is Out There!

I, speak for most of us, when I describe our attendance of the convention to be both fun and a great learning experience! The motivational speakers were not only accomplished in their fields of expertise, but also in character, being both humble and, quite frankly, brilliant speakers: from the physics puzzles from their dean of science to the grandfatherly talk of their former football coach. But my favorite activity was the field trip. I went south and dirty in my cave diving trip, where I gained the habit of challenging myself for the purpose of reflection. However, this is at par with seeing the talent of fellow scholars, where our Annie strummed us a haunting song about teen love, Austin gave his story in spoken words, and Grace being Grace, always graceful in high heels and fancy dresses reading the poems she effortlessly writes. Although the adventure in Georgia has come to an end, I know that we carry our experiences on wider shoulders.