March Tech Connect


Google News!

  • Google Hangouts has increased its participant limit from 15 to 25. While you may only see the 10 most active participants' video feed at the bottom of your screen, as many as 25 can take part in a single meeting!
  • For 'can view' and 'can comment' collaborators on your Google docs, slides, drive, and sheets, you may set expiration dates so that your collaborator may not be able to view the item beyond the time set by you, the owner.
  • Love extensions? If you find yourself using different extensions for home and work, try the extension 'Context.' It allows you to categorize your extensions such that only the selected group of extensions appear at any one time. For those of you who use most of your extensions, most of the time, be sure and get the extension 'Extensity' in order to toggle on and off your extensions.
Blocked Website(s) Survey

Please click on the button and fill out the form with websites that you need to access and can no longer access.

The Literacy Shed

The Literacy Shed is a website devoted to compiling the most thought-provoking film clips, music, and animation for reading and writing. The compilation of music, videos, and animation is categorized into 30 different topics,ranging from anti-bullying to fantasy. Each visual is accompanied by lesson ideas and prompts. While the films could be used K-12, there is a link leading into a mathematics shed aimed at the elementary level. Many of the videos have a rating based on content including a few videos rated 13+ due to the suspenseful nature. Even if The Literacy Shed doesn't contain an engaging lesson for your students, hopefully it can inspire you to create your own.

Check out a sample from The Literacy Shed below:

The ideas for the learning experiences with this video range from writing a prequel, creating a sequel, writing new stories of the event, or write entries from Francis's diary.

Richard Hickey - Francis

Test Out the Beta of Quizlet's New In-class Game

If you or your students currently use Quizlet to study, there is now Quizlet Live! It is a new team-based review game in which teams compete to clear their boards. Students are randomly place in 3-4 student teams. Teams must match up words to their meanings as fast as possible. A wrong match will land the team back to the start. Try it with your classes who thrive on competition!

Click to learn more about Quizlet Live

Quick Rubric

A completely customizable rubric creator.

Story Jumper

Story Jumper is a book creation website. What is unique about Story Jumper is the ability for the teacher to create a class, enroll each student with username and password, and control access to the online book. Students are only able to access the book creator from school, unless a parent signs the permission slip, and they can only work within the time allotted by the teacher. With lots of text, photo, and scene options, students are able to create a fantastic story book. The books may be printed, read aloud for the class, or shared online (with parent permission).
Introduction to New StoryJumper Editor