Salazar Roadrunner

Weekly Bulletin • May 2-6, 2016

A Word from Us

Thanks for all of your continued hard work.

These last weeks will be busier than you can imagine. Meetings, trips, testing, awards, Little Olympics to name just a few. Please remember that learning is on-going and doesn't stop with the testing, whether it is TPRI, Circle, Fountas and Pinnell or STAAR. And remember to keep in mind the reason for the testing... diagnosis and measuring growth. Everyone is tired, but energy is also contagious! Students take their cue from US!

As mentioned earlier, we will be having parent-teacher conferences. I have emailed you a letter to send home as well as a few helpful tips. Please submit the list of scheduled conferences to us as they are scheduled. Try to be flexible and work with parents to get them here.

Also, we will meet on Monday, May 16th to go over the HB5 info, so plan on a faculty meeting that day. We do not plan others unless something comes up, so check your emails. Instead use those days to meet with your committees and get things done.

Finally, this is teacher appreciation week. PLEASE know how much we appreciate you. I (Anna) have been in this business for 36 years, and I know that teaching is a calling...not a job. Remember that you are planting seeds that will bloom one day. Some fruit blooms later than others or in different ways, but believe me, all will bloom--and they will remember you. Dina has been in education for 21 years. Her first job was in Alice at Dubose Intermediate and she holds our community very close to her heart.

As you go through this week reflect on your own teachers, both good and not-so-good. Emulate the ones who brought out the best in you and inspired you to do your very best, and remember those who were not your favorites and why. We learn from them all.

Vision Statement

Salazar Elementary has a new Vision Statement!

"Our vision is to create one of the state's best schools where all students are motivated and perform at or above grade level in engaging classes created by staff and parents who collaborate as partners."

This vision statement should guide everything we do. How does it apply to communication (with parents, students and each other), lesson planning and delivery, and behavior management. Need help? Come visit with us.


Help us by discussing noise levels in the cafeteria. It has gotten very noisy and we are working on that with the students.

This week we will implement a reward system. Grade levels who exhibit proper behavior and appropriate noise levels will receive pom-poms that will be placed in clear containers. Students will see their progress and the grade level with best behavior (most pom-poms) will receive a treat at the end of the week.

Still working out details, but please encourage them to watch noise levels, keep tables neat, etc. Saying please and thank you to the cafeteria staff and monitors would be great, too!

This Week

Morning Duty and Announcements

Morning Duty:

Station 1 (PK and Kinder walkway and protable)- D. Reyes

Station 2 (1st grade walkway) - D. Chapa

Station 3 (2nd grade walkway) - M. Serna

Station 4 (3rd grade walkway) - G. Cantu

Station 5 (4th grade walkway) - A. Holmgreen

Announcements: Gracie Cantu & Anna Holmgreen

Monday, May 2

  • Circle testing - PK
  • F & P -1st Grade
  • Diana Garza and Melissa Kulchak on campus.
  • Shyrle Allen, consultant, will visit inclusion classes.

Tuesday, May 3

  • Circle testing - PK
  • Diana Garza and Melissa Kulchak on campus.
  • Tutoring for grades 3 and 4 after school.
  • Kinder PTA

Wednesday, May 4

  • F & P 2nd Grade
  • Diana Garza and Melissa Kulchak on campus.
  • Olweus Lesson
  • Talent Show auditions - during PE

Staff may wear Positive Wednesday shirts and jeans.

Thursday, May 5

  • Kinder Graduation Pictures
  • F & P testing - 2nd Grade
  • Melissa Kulchak and Diana Garza on campus.
  • Roadrunner Rally 2:00 (We'll start calling out by 1:45) Is your cheer for your "buddy-grade" ready? Make sure kids know it. You can make a sign or chant, too.
  • Tutoring after school (3:15-5)

Friday, May 6

  • F & P testing 1st Grade
  • Melissa Kulchak on campus.
  • Give out permission slips for the Memorial Orientation to identified students. (Due back May 13th.)

Staff may wear Spirit shirts and jeans.

Around the Corner

Here are dates for things in upcoming weeks:

  • CPI Training--Saturday, May 14

Carmela Ramos, Cynthia Leal, Lynette Crane, Debbie Gomez, Mari Serna, Robert Ross

  • May 9 - MATH STAAR
  • May 10 - READING STAAR
  • May 13th - Memorial Permission slips due from 4th grade
  • May 17th - Memorial Orientation for 4th grade
  • May 17-25 - Parent conferences
  • May 26th - Dubose Orientation for 4th grade
  • May 26th - Field Day