About Me

Nica Angelica Ramirez

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Where am I from?

I hail from Jacksonville, Florida. It's a relatively large city, so I'm not likely to know any of your friends who lived there. Sorry!

The weather in Jacksonville is pretty similar to Orlando weather, although it doesn't rain as often in Jacksonville as it does here.

What is my major?

I am officially Undeclared, but I struggle between my talents in STEM and my interest in the Social Sciences. I enjoy Sociology and Economics (particularly the aspects involving the collection and use of data to quantify seemingly qualitative features of society and economics), so people (my parents) have suggested looking into becoming an Actuary, so that I will have a stable career (money).

If I chose to become an actuary, I would have to take up the Statistics major and minor in Actuarial Science. However, I'm behind on my Calculus courses, so it sounds much easier than it will be in reality.

How did I decide to become part of COMPASS/EXCEL?

Truth be told, my father majored in Civil Engineering and my mother works in Information Technology, so they've always wanted me to go the STEM route. Their nagging and incessant "suggestions" are a large portion of why I entered the COMPASS program.

How do I think COMPASS/EXCEL will help me succeed in my first year of college?

I think that the tutors/mentors in this program are my greatest resource. Sometimes math courses can become confusing when it's explained one way, and remarkably clear and understandable when explained another way. I feel as though this program will provide me with excellent opportunities to further my abilities in the future.

One unique fact about me: (I'll give you three!)

  1. I have 13 Salvador Dali prints hanging up in my dorm room. (Pictured Below)
  2. Sometimes, when I'm bored, I watch old episodes of Sailor Moon.
  3. I have an alarmingly intense interest in Childish Gambino/Donald Glover.
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