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Tech Thursday | 23 February 2017

Differentiation with Digital Tools

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Google Classroom has recently been updated with a new feature that better allows for differentiation. Instead of assigning an assignment to the entire class, the teacher now has the option to select smaller groups of students to complete any given assignment.

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Classroom 101
Content - In Google Classroom, teachers can have students access media from various sources like Ted Talks, Khan Academy, or Discovery Education to learn new concepts and meet objectives.

Process - In Google Classroom, teachers can provide students with different ways of making sense of the newly acquired information. For example, a graphic organizer in Pages, Cornell Notes in Google Docs, or a video summary in iMovie.

Product - In Google Classroom, teachers can post scoring guides students can use to guide their learning. Then students can show mastery using open-ended questions in Keynote, lab reports in Numbers, or simply allowing the student to choose the best way to show understanding.

CLICK HERE to become a Nearpod Certified Educator

NFHS has a limited number of site licenses for Nearpod. Become one of the first 20 teachers to earned Nearpod Certified Educator status and you will be granted a site license. Please email your certificate to the Ready 1:1 Instructional Coach.

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How to Solve Problems and Change the World

$100,000 for Students | $50,000 for Teachers


The Paradigm Challenge is an annual competition that inspires youth to use STEM skills plus kindness, creativity, and collaboration to make a difference. The 2016-17 Challenge aims to generate new ideas to reduce waste in homes, schools, communities, and around the world.


Youth aged 4 to 18 (as of May 1, 2017) compete in three age divisions: Ages 4 to 8 ● Ages 9 to 13 ● Ages 14 to 18


We welcome all ideas, including posters, videos, inventions, public messages, community events, websites, mobile apps, or anything else that will help reduce waste.


A blue-ribbon panel of judges will evaluate entries based on effectiveness, feasibility, originality, presentation, and collaboration. In addition to the prize money, Project Paradigm intends to provide further support to help turn winning ideas into real-world solutions.

Deadline: May 1, 2017

How To Win The Paradigm Challenge
Each week in the Ranger Ready Tech Thursday Newsletter, a new teacher will be featured as the Ready 1:1 Teacher of the Week. These are teachers at Naaman Forest High School who are transforming teaching and learning in the classroom through technology integration using the iPad.

Peter Nguyen

Mr. Nguyen is in his 2nd year of teaching and started his career here at Naaman Forest. Peter teaches Algebra I. He attended the University of Texas at Arlington where he got his B.S. in University Studies with an emphasis in Mathematics.

What is your favorite iPad app to use with students and why?

My personal favorite would have to be Google Classroom with how easy grading becomes, but specific to students, I like the app Educreations. Educreations is a digital whiteboard app that lets students explore and create their own presentations or examples. It allows recordings of both drawings and voice so students can express their understanding over certain topics.

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

I enjoy competing and participating in recreational sports hosted by city leagues and rec centers. My current obsession is indoor volleyball and I practice/compete 2 to 3 days a week.

Connect. Empower. Lead.

#EdcampGarland is an unconference event for ALL educators. This participant-driven event will provide organic professional learning experiences for educators from all over the DFW- metroplex. Come be a part of the discussion about education topics that interest you and earn 5 hours of CPE credits.

What is an EdCamp?

EdCamp 101


#EdCampGarland will be on Saturday, March 4, 2017, here at Naaman Forest. Please register early because tickets are expected to go fast for this FREE unique professional development experience open to ALL GISD educators and educators from neighboring school districts.

EdCamp Garland

Saturday, March 4th, 8am-1pm

4843 Naaman Forest Boulevard

Garland, TX