Summer of Golf

By: Grant Eiden. 1st Hour

Summer Fun

This summer I went golfing. I like to golf because it is my passion. I went golfing with my family and my friends. I would mainly golf at Thornberry and Brown County. I would also bike to Village Green to practice putting. I would golf both 18-holes and 9-holes when I golfed. I usually golfed for fun, but I did golf in 3 tournaments. The tournaments I did was a 9-hole tournament at Thornberry, an 18-hole tournament at Brown County, and an 18-hole tournament at Rolling Meadows in Fond Du Lac. Rolling Meadows was my favorite course out of the 3. I also did a Drive, Chip, and Putt competition there. I went out every time I could. The best time to go would be when the weather is in the 60's and its cloudy.

The Scince of It

I use the scientific method when I golf. I have to decide which club to use when I am a certain distance away from the green. I also use the scientific method when putting to read the green and know how hard to hit the ball and what direction to hit it in. I also use the scientific method when swinging a golf club because I decide how to hit the ball. This involves how I swing and how far back to go in my backswing. So whenever I'm making a decision on what to do when golfing, I am using the scientific method.

I also use the scientific method when I swing the club. When I hit a golf ball I use momentum from the club to the ball for it to move. This is physics. When the club hits the ball the ball is squeezed and shaft of the club bends because of the momentum transferred. When the club head hits the ball the club head is turned into elastic energy. The faster I swing the club and the more accurate I hit the ball the further it will go. This is science related because it has to do with momentum, speed, and angles. The different angles in the clubs make the ball go further or shorter depending on the shot you want. Potential energy is used through the body of the golfer. Potential energy also happens from gravity at the top of the backswing. This potential energy is formed into kinetic energy when the club hits the ball. Kinetic energy happens throughout the swing whenever the club is moving. This energy makes the ball move. Motion is used when the club and ball move. Gravity is used when the ball comes back down. So physics is being used throughout the swing connecting golf to science.

I Wonder...

I wonder what makes the ball go further when I use my legs for power.

I wonder what causes the ball to go further when I use my drive then my 7-iron.

I wonder what causes the sand to have such an effect on the shot during a sand shot.

I wonder what cause the rough to have an effect on my swing when I'm in the rough.

I wonder why it is easier to have a tee when I drive the ball.

I wonder why rain has an effect on green speed.