Sparta's Goverment and Culture

By:Cody McCarron

What was Sparta's gov. like

Sparta had an oligarchy with only few members.

  • Sparta has 28 counsel elders
  • Sparta has 2 kings of the counsel
  • Also Sparta had 5 ephors
  • And Sparta has a Assembly

    Sparta's government helped the community by. The government raised no questions. Promoted the army and kept people in touch with the culture. That is why Sparta had an oligarchy
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Spartas Military

  • Sparta sends boys out at age 7 to go to barracks to train for war
  • Sparta's Men at age 30 is allowed to leave to join the Assembly
  • When Sparta's male citizens turn 60 they can retire but can still return if needed.

    Sparta's millitary helped the the comminity by. Keeping it safe, Help kids survival instincs and keep the Helots from rebeling. That is why Sparta had a really good miillitary.
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