Famous cubans

  • Desi Arnaz was born in Santiago,Cuba, March 2, 1917 shortly after he and his family moved to California. Arnaz became an actor and went on to be on I Love Lucy where he played lucys husband.

  • Fidel castro served as Cubas president from 1976-2008 and is still alive today. Castro helped lead the Cuban revolution.

Tourist desinations

  • Havana's old centre was founded in 1519 and still holds bulidings of that time period. In the center of this green space is a statue of Christopher Columbus and the building itself is now home to the city museum.
  • Varadero beach is one of the most famous resorts in Cuba. This beach offers golfing, hotels, and numerous restaurants.
  • Zapata peninsula is home to the vast wetlands and wildlife. Alligators inhabit these waters, a wide variety of birds including the tiny bee hummingbird can be found here.