February Update

Region 6

Preparing for Assessment

We know that you and your teams work tirelessly for the good of your students. We also know that the upcoming exam can be confusing. In an attempt to alleviate all these, we would like to provide you with the following ISTEP information below. Our Outreach team has combined and collected all of the ISTEP preparation material available, and we hope that you and your staff will find it beneficial.

Additionally, we have a couple of great opportunities for your educators. These include a student loan forgiveness program, free online books, and the chance to comment on the science standards.

Please feel free to share all the information below.

ISTEP Preparation

Would it help to see actual item types that will be on ISTEP+ for 2015-2016?

We have heard there has been some confusion about what items will or will not be included on the assessment this year. In particular, there has been misunderstandings about the extended response which has been cut from the ELA portion of the assessment only. The passage or paired passage based writing prompt will still be given. In addition, there will continue to be extended response items in math, science and social studies. To be clear of all types of items will be included, we recommend viewing and sharing the ISTEP+ training videos below with your staff. Feel free to forward this email.
Assessment Update 2015-16

ISTEP Guidance: Videos and More

The 2016 ISTEP is quickly approaching. There are many ways to expose both your staff and your students to the 2016 ISTEP format, and there are many places to find information about the upcoming exam.

First, experience Pearson Online-complete with answer keys, sample items, and download instructions.

You can also give your students the chance to practice and experience Test Nav 8.

Also, check out the following videos that provide guidance and support for the 2016 ISTEP.

The IDOE has provided video guidance concerning the ISTEP 3-8:

The IDOE has provided video guidance concerning the ISTEP 10:

Unsure which students are taking the ECA and which students are taking the ISTEP 10? Click here and click here to see who takes the ECA and who takes the ISTEP10.

Looking for more information? For blueprints, assessment guidance, rubrics, and item samplers check out IDOE ISTEP.

Looking for more technology enhanced items? If so, click here.

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My ON Books

Through the Hoosier Family of Readers initiative, students and their families across the state will have unlimited access to reading material on myON, giving families an opportunity to share rich literacy experiences together regardless of their socioeconomic status or whether or not there is a proficient reader in the home.

  • More than 4,000 digital books ranging from illustrated and picture books to chapter books, graphic novels, literary non-fiction, photo and informational texts spanning multiple eras and cultures.
  • The collection includes 70% nonfiction, 10% Spanish or dual language and 20% Hi-Lo titles, and is continually growing.
  • A wide range of titles and topics provides varying levels of text complexity and support close reading in a range of genres and content areas, including history/social studies, science and technical works.
  • Books are available online anytime, anywhere students have access to an Internet connection, 24x7,
  • There’s no limit to the number of students who can read the same book at the same time on myON.
  • Students can download up to 20 titles for offline reading using free mobile apps for iPad and Android tablets.

Please visit http://www.doe.in.gov/hoosierreaders/myon-books for more details.

NWIESC Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program

Northwest Indiana Education Service Center has partnered with the Association of Educational Service Agencies (AESA) to provide expertise on student loan forgiveness.

While some educators may benefit from the Teacher Loan Forgiveness Program, the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is eligible to any full-time staff member. The loan forgiveness amount is individually determined and tax-free.


Step 1: Visit: http://NWIESC.myisls.com

Step 2: Enter Registration Code nwiesc

Step 3: Answer 5 simple questions to find out if you are eligible, then schedule your no-obligation, virtual/phone consultation with a student loan forgiveness expert from Innovative Student Loan Solutions to get started.

PSLF Program Benefits:

· Immediately lower your monthly student loan payment.

· Reduce your student loan debt.

· Significantly reduce the cost of earning advanced degree including Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD.

· Receive a personal 10-year loan forgiveness plan outlining your savings in the program.

What Could Make YOU eligible?

· Being a full-time employee.

· Having federal loans such as Subsidized Stafford, Unsubsidized Stafford, Parent PLUS and Graduate PLUS loans.

· Taking out student loans on behalf of an undergraduate student

· Pursuing an additional degree.

Proven Results of an actual Educator

Before ISLS Strategy:

With ISLS Strategy:

$78,635 (total principal + interest)

$54,271 in student loan forgiveness

$655 per month for 10 years

$98 per month for 10 years

See More Success Stories

Have Questions?

If you have any questions please call 1.866.831.5564, email or visit the isloansolutions.com website.

The AESA Student Loan Forgiveness Program is powered by the student loan forgiveness expertise of Innovative Student Loan Solutions, a BBB A+ Rated Cincinnati, Ohio-based organization that has helped thousands of individuals across the U.S. maximize the under-utilized Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program.

Science Standards-Public Comment

The IDOE is currently seeking comments and feedback for the current drafts of the K-12 science standards. The science standards were developed by committees comprised of educators, colleges, and content experts, business and industry across the state of Indiana. To find the drafts, please visit http://tinyurl.com/draftsciencestandard. To submit comments and feedback, please navigate to http://tinyurl.com/draftscience2016. The feedback form will be available until February 5th.