The Beach

And its dangers


We all love the beach in the summertime. The fresh scent of the ocean air. The cool breeze, the sun glimmering off the long expanse of sand. The lulling sound of the pounding surf, and the cries of circling gulls looking for a morsel to eat. The beach is a day's respite from a hard week of work and chores, a place to spend time with your family basking in the sunlight, building sandcastles, and having splash fights in the cool waters. To ensure that your day at the beach is a happy one, there are some things that must be taken into consideration. Like everywhere else, dangers exist at the beach that you may or may not be aware of, but can be easily acknowledged and prepared for.

One thing to consider before even going to the beach is the harmful effects of the sun's rays. A day at the beach is also a day of prolonged exposure under the harsh gaze of the sun. Be sure to pack sun block to protect yourself from this serious danger.

Also attributed to the sun is heat exhaustion. On a particularly hot day, as you run and frolic on the beach, your body is rapidly dehydrating. Make sure to bring a few bottles of water or some other beverage to keep your body hydrated, and break up your exposure to the sun by seeking to sit in the shade or under an umbrella periodically, if either is available. Try to avoid drinking alcohol or even soda, as both can serve to dehydrate you further.

Beaches in certain areas may have their own specific threats, such as an abundance of sharp rocks or areas of ticks or poison ivy should you venture away from the sand.

Try to be aware of any dangers specific to your particular beach of choice in addition to the ones listen above. A little knowledge and preparation is all you need to make every beach day a thrilling one.