haiwai molasses spill by Liam Smith

sep. 9th molasses spill kills thousands of marine life


The spill that dumped hundreds of thousands of gallons of molasses into Honolulu harbor. Last week is suffocating the harbor's underwater inhabitants. The thick brown goop displaces oxygen-rich water that fish, crustations and corals need to breathe. Direct contact with the viscious syrup can clog a fishes gills. And the surgery liquid causes bacterial blooms, which use up the remaining the ecological molasses spilled into the harbor killing hundereds of thousands of fish the physical l surroundings of the fish died off from the molasses.


how the spill happened

The molasses spill occurred on Sep.9th 2013

On two occasions since last year, state inspectors saw molasses dripping from the same spot where a pipe leaked up to 1,400 tons of the sugary substance into Honolulu Harbor earlier this month sending thousands of fish to mortality.


What is matson

Matson is the company that created the pipe that leaked more than once in the hawaii bay. hawaii does not make molasses and matson is not a cargo vessel.



1.how long will it take to get the molasess spill cleaned up

2.Will matson replace the whole pipe system for free.

3.Can people still swim in the harbor.