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The Eternal Rest funeral home has been serving the people of southern Connecticut since 2015. It is important to us to take care of your family during this difficult period. We are committed to meeting all the needs of your family with integrity and compassion. We will treat each family and all members with dignity and professionalism. In order to start pre-planning, please contact us with the name of the deceased, the location, and your name, phone number and relationship of the person who will be in charge of making arrangements.

Service Information

A funeral is a ceremony that allows an opportunity to remember the life that has been lived. Family and friends have time to share experiences. Ceremonies can be simple or elaborate and are customized to each family.

Please prepare a list of any special rituals, these rituals would include mentioning:

  • Any favorite passages to be read from the Bible, Koran, Torah, etc., and the list of readers
  • A reading of any special poems
  • Musical instruments or songs played during the service
  • Morning or afternoon service
  • Prepare and reading of a eulogy

Final Arrangements / Disposition Options

Below are the options we offer:

  • Burial - Please read our section on finding the perfect casket and a quick reference page to funeral preparations
  • Cremation - cremated remains are placed in your choice of urn. Cremation viewing is allowed. Cremated remains may also be scattered in other locations.
  • Entombment - your cemetery may offer a crypt in their mausoleum or in an outdoor garden.
  • Organ Donation - Organs can be used to help others stay alive. Any organs that cannot be transplanted can be used in medical research. To become an organ donor, communicate with family.

Burial Options

Grief Counseling

We understand you might be needing help while you are going through this tough time. We can provide counselors to speak with. We also offer a couple websites to read over. The links are below.

Contact Us

We will be happy to provide answers and prices. Installment payments are an option.