May/June Update


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Throughout May and June students will be working on realistic fiction. As a genre that offers and wide range of options for readers, students will dive into continuing to pick "Just Right" books. Students will use concrete examples from their books to support their answers to questions as they compare and contrast previous texts.


Research writing becomes the focus of our writing this month. Students are learning that organization is key to successful research writing. Mini lessons will help students understand that note-taking is not the easy part of research writing. The notes they take must be written well enough that they are able to use these notes to explain their topic to someone else. Students will also work on organizing their notes into cohesive paragraphs using introductions and transitions.

They are very excited to share their writing with you at the State Fair!


We will wrap up our mathematical studies with dividing decimals and move onto measurement, symmetry, and volume. Students will apply their combined knowledge of place value, decimals and the four operations to practice multi-step operations. Measurement will bring on the task of converting measurements, expressing measurements in compound units and solving word problems. We will also investigate geometric shapes as we learn about line symmetry. We end the year by learning how to find the volume of a solid in cubic units.

Social Studies

This month is all about the State Fair! Students continue to work diligently as they research information on their state and the person they will depict on May 21st. Students are gaining a larger perspective on the United States as a whole as they connect what they are learning about their individual state with that of their peers and what they've learned about the different regions of our country. They are implementing different uses of technology as they create timelines, bio-cubes, and acrostic poems. We can't wait to see you on Friday May 21st!

Important Dates

May 1: Darfurnament 3:30-5:00
May 4- 8: Spirit Week
  • Monday: Clash Day
  • Tuesday: Holiday Wear
  • Wednesday: Formal Day
  • Thursday: Pajama Day
  • Friday: NFS Day

May 8-9: Book Fair

May 9: Family and Alumni Day

May 11: Field Trip to Bartram's Garden

May 14: Field Day

May 21: State Fair 10:00-11:30
May 25: No School
June 9: Last Day of School *noon dismissal