Josh Carlson

Georgia Virtual School Student


What's your name and where do you go to school?

My name is Josh Carlson and I am homeschooled. I have been homeschooled since kindergarten.

What's your current grade in school?

I am now in 10th grade.

What is your favorite subject in school?

If lunch was a subject I would count that as my favorite, but because it isn't, I'll say that Science is my favorite subject.

What are you career aspirations?

Or in french, Que-ce que c'est je voudrais devenir? Well, I would like to become a lawyer, or un advocate.

Why are you taking this course

I am taking this course to get college credit for biology.

What are your course expectations?

My expectations are to learn more about biology, have fun, and be prepared to get a 5 in AP Biology.

Have you taken other classes online or with GAVS?

I have taken other online classes, including Calculus 2 and Physics, but I have never taken a GAVS course.

What are your favorites (i.e. movies, books, music, etc.)?

My favorite type of movies are action movies. My favorite books are the Left Behind series. My favorite genre of music is christian rock. My favorite sibling? It depends on the time of day. My favorite MLB team, the braves!

Which college are you planning to attend?

I am planning on attending Georgia Tech with a HOPE scholarship, getting a degree in Chemical Engineering, and then moving on to law school. I'm not sure where I want to go to law school or what kind of law I want to study, but I figure I have some time to decide.

Other fun facts about me

I have one cat named Velvet.

I play football on a christian school team that allows homeschoolers.

I have 8 siblings, all of them are younger than me.

I play the viola. (It's like the violin, but a little bigger and deeper.)

I like to program my own computer games with C#.

I've been a christian since I was a young kid.

I have been to Scotland and England, where I saw Big Ben, the London Eye, toured Edinburgh (pronounced edinbourough), and climb on a castle.