Clinical Lab Scientist

Lexie Whitworth

My Career

My career of choice is Clinical Laboratory Scientist.

A clinical laboratory scientist's job is to work behind the scenes of the more prevalent medical jobs- nurses, doctors, paramedics- and research preventative medicine, the presence or absence of disease or disorder and the pathogens that cause them. My job will mostly include analyzing microorganisms and reporting on them to help find cures or proactive medicine to pathogenic diseases and disorders.

What's the gig?

The job I was looking for is in Brentwood, California. It is at the Ronald Reagan UCLA Health Center, and they are looking for someone to fill in the position of Clinical Lab Technician in their lab. Their application portal said the minimum salary is $42.94/$7472, and I am unsure of what this is supposed to represent (hour/week maybe?), but another site I looked at said the lowest salary was around $24,000 and the highest was $103,000, both per year.

What's the catch?

I could not find the requirements for education, however I do believe you must have your Master's and Bachelor's in some sort of clinical science, and doctorates are preferred. I also couldn't find anything saying you have to go to medical school, but I would take that with a grain of salt. The best college for the degree that I am looking at is Harvard, except there is literally no way for me to attend Harvard, and I don't really want to either. My job does not offer a lot of travel, which is disappointing because I enjoy traveling. However, it is near a highly urbanized area (Los Angeles) so I am not too disappointed.

Why am I right for this job, and why do I want it?

Medical sciences, especially those dealing with pathogens and anti-pathogenic medicines

interest me, and I like learning and sciences, so this career is exactly what I'm looking for. I think that my interest and my quick ability to learn will make me the right person for this career.

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