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The day of languages 2013

Federica Guarnaccia reports on the Skype-meeting between our school, Liceo Touschek, Italy and the school of Le Havre

On September 26th some schools celebrated the Day of Languages. Unfortunately we didn't, as that day was our patron saint's feast, but I'm glad we had a video-conference with the students of Le Havre, just a week later.

We were all, or almost everyone was, embarrassed and shier than usual. I think it was because most of us had never talked with someone who doesn't speak Italian.

We used headphones for the majority of the time, so just those who were talking heard everything.

Anyway, it was nice just to look at their classroom, and spot the similarities with ours.

We had small talks in turns, and we found out there are also a lot of things we share in our habits and likings.

We asked, and were asked, questions about music, videogames, sports and free time.

One thing I really appreciated, was the French-English-Italian lesson. It was awesome to see (and to hear).

But I think nothing can compare with the amazement we felt when we saw a girl who looks exactly like one of our schoolmates.

I'm just a little sad because the only person I had talked to on the website, was absent.

But I hope this video-conference will be just one in a long series, as I think this it the point of the whole project.

Though just a small part of the schools which are registered, used the site, we've got in touch with people from other countries, and we need to communicate with other realities, as we are citizens not only of our countries, but of the whole world.