Forensic Scientist & Technician/PSU

Investigating, Analyzing, Testifying

The Forensic Field

For a year now, I've been set and stone on going into the forensic field. I've always had an interest in science, and an interest in crime, so when you put them together it makes due for the perfect career choice. For the field, you need a a keen eye for detail and excellent organizational skills, both in which I possess. While there isn't much room for job advancement, there is a positive outlook for the future. It is supposed to increase by 6% withiin the next few years. As far as salary comes, in a small town of Waynesboro you'll be looking at the lower end of the average income. Whereas, in a large populated area such as Washington DC, the income is above average thanks to the larger population.

Training and Skills

In order to be successful in the forensic field, there are certain skills you must obtain and training to go through. The most important above all are the ability to work well with peers and critical thinking skills. Some other important ones are organizational skills, having an eye for detail, and being capable of writing and speaking well. As for training, there's many things you must work hands on with when you first enter the job. Such as DNA analysis, tracing evidence, latent fingerprints, and many more items. Most places will have you work with a colleague with years of experience in order to learn these and be successful. Other than that, a bachelor's degree is the most acceptable form of education, and you're more likely to get employed with one.

Penn State University: Requirements, Entertainment, and Education

To get into PSU, there are many requirements that you must have completed in high school. These involve four English credits, three social studies credits, three science credits, three math - including algebra and geometry, and (preferably) two language credits. For entertainment, besides the amazing football team and games that take place in Beaver Stadium, there is the Penn State Blue Band. I've always wanted to be a part of the Blue Band, which is another reasoning for me wanting to go there. There's many clubs and hang out places, as well. Penn State offers many different career fields and degrees, including ones in the medical, educational, law, and sciences. People may not know that this university is deceptively huge - and there are many places to work and be.
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What sort of training do you need?

-On the job with an experienced colleague in DNA analysis, tracing evidence, drug analysis, latent fingerprints, toxicology, firearms, writing reports, and courtroom testimonies.

What sort of skills do you need?

-Working well with peers, having good organizational techniques, good critical thinking skills, an eye for details, and speaking/writing skills are important for this position.

What all is involved in this career?

-Crime scene investigation, analyzing and collecting evidence, testifying in court.

What is the job outlook and salary?

-Job outlook is expected to increase by 6% over the next five years.

-Minimum salary is $54,360. Maximum is $93,940.

Why do you want to go into this career?

-Always been interested in crime, murders, and all the bits and pieces in between.

What does a day in the life of this career look like?

-Visiting crime scenes, collecting and cataloguing evidence, photographing/sketching, reconstructing crime scenes, examining/testing/analyzing substances and items, meeting with experts, writing and presenting summaries, and finally testifying in the courtroom the evidence.

What are the requirements for getting into PSU?

-4 English credits, 3 social studies credits, 3 science credits, 3 math credits including geometry and algebra, and preferred 2 language credits.

Why am I considering this college?

-My father went there back in his years, and he really enjoyed it. He wanted at least one of his children to go there and I've always wanted to, so I am the chosen child. I went to a Penn State vs. Michigan game and watched the Blue Band and instantly I was inspired to be a part of it.

Location and Motto?

University Park, Pennsylvania. "Making life better."