60in60: Inverted!

60in60 by the people for the people!

Audience-Led 60in60 Presentation

Welcome to 60in60: Inverted where the audience creates and presents 60in60 all in one hour! Yup, that's right, today they group up, brainstorm, share their favorite tools, and then create 3 slides of 3 different tools to present in just 60 seconds! Check out the archive below!

60in60: Inverted! KTI 2015

60in60 Inverted Archive of past sessions

60in60 Inverted! PETE&C 2015

60in60: Inverted! 2014 Educational Collaborators Worldwide Summit

PETE&C 2014

Audience Created 60in60 Presentation from PETE&C 2014

Audience created cheat sheet from our session!

Even though Brandon is not presenting the 2014 list of 60in60 today. Here is the cheat sheet of the tools you can check out on your own!

2014 60in60 Cheat Sheet

See what it looks like...