Mrs. Kean's Class

February 1st-February 5th

Language Arts

I can ask and answer questions about a story.

This week the students will continue reading and answering questions about community helpers. They will create a foldable that answers the questions who, what, when, where, why and how about a community helper.

Ways to help at home:

Have you child read different genres of literature and answer the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how.

Special Visitors

The class got to meet some amazing visitors! They really taught the kids how they are helpers in the community. The kids loved it!


I can identify the different geometrical shapes. I can create, build, and present facts about the different shapes.

Ways to help at home:

Have your child find different shapes at home and ask them how many sides, vertices, parallel lines and angles they have.

Science/Social Studies

This week students will continue to learn about how different geniuses created simple machines that changed our way of life.

Project Update

Students have begun interviewing their community partner. I try to let you know the night before but sometimes one of the partners call us and say they can do it that day. I don't want them to miss the opportunity so I go ahead and let them interview. The kids are loving this part of the project! Many of the community members have expressed how impressed they are with our students.

Valentine's Day

We will exchange Valentines this year. They do not need to make them out to any one classmate. Just have them bring in 26 (52 if they want to do both classes) already signed cards. They will be making their holders here at school.

Mrs. Kean

My daughter Katie and I out to lunch!

Rainbow Store

Students had the option to shop at the store on Friday. Some of them saved and some of them spent.
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