Drug Abuse

Narcotic Dependency is slowly becoming an obstacle for teens


There are endless varieties of hallucinogens in today's society. Whether legal or not, these substances are usually taken for euphoric simulations among teens starting at ages as young as 12 (possibly younger). Dangerous intoxicants have made their way into the lives of many teens suffering to "fit" in. The peer pressure on drugs has increased numerously over the years causing full on addictions in some by early adulthood. Experiences vary for every individual, but it's still a good idea to keep in mind the many risks that each drug has on a person, their body and mind.
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Things you should do to stay clean

  1. KEEP YOURSELF BUSY - Boredom can lead to dangerous and stupid activities
  2. BE CAREFUL BEFRIENDING - Friends have a huge impact on your decisions
  3. BE CAUTIOUS - Don't ignore the signs of addiction
  4. REACH OUT FOR HELP - It's a tough battle, don't fight it alone

Examples of Commonly Know Drugs

"god will not have his work manifest by cowards"

— Ralph Waldo Emerson

God worked hard on your body and took his time to make you and will not have his work be tarnished just because you're afraid of dealing with your problems or cause you want to seem cool to the public.

What will help you live better during high school? Beyond high school?

Tell your story. Maybe someone else is suffering from what you are and them to listening to your story could cause them to seek for help to better themselves.
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how this helps with keeping the community / country clean

Helps with fight against addiction, it prevents teen drug abuse and keeps crime and violence down causing individuals to be more productive in society

What do you need to learn from Self-Reliance

Listen to yourself and your own self-conscience. You're the only person that can help yourself. Does support help? Yes but without the will power to change or keep things the way you want, support is worthless.
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are you at risk?

you may be using drugs as a cry for help. Get help immediately