Most Agonizing Deaths

By Valeria Bocanegra

heart breaking deaths

This show has done a good job at breaking hearts by killing characters off . you would think that with the show being so successful it would never kill a main character off , but they did . Allison Argent is a hunter that gets killed off in season three while trying to save her friend Lydia from the oni (An evil japanese spirit) . She was stabbed by one of the oni's swords and since shes not a supernatural creature she died but what really made people cry was her departure from Scott McCall (Her first love) after telling him how to kill the oni . The next character to be killed off on the show is Aiden he was also killed by the oni outside of Beacon Hills High School he was also stabbed by the oni .But even tho he is a werewolf the swords were covered in wolfsbane causing him to die quickly and painfully alongside his twin brother Ethan , while also leaving his "lover" Lydia Martin leaving her heart broken . Erica Reyes and Vernon Boyd were killed while trying to escape an alpha pack in season two deucalion is the leader of an alpha pack he wanted Scott and Derek in his pack . While he was looking for them he bumped into erica and boyd he kidnapped them and killed Erica first in the towns bank .Boyd was soon killed by Aiden .