Coaching Connections

August 28 - September 1

Welcome Back!

I have absolutely loved walking the halls of Gateway and seeing all of the smiling faces. It has been a pleasure dropping into your classrooms, and I look forward to getting into all of the rooms even more now that the craziness of the first week is almost over. I saw a lot of great teaching strategies and activities in just the first week!

Grade Level Mini Sessions

Based on the feedback from Faculty Council and the feedback from the Google Forms about PD (link at the bottom), we are going to begin faculty meetings, grade level meetings, committee meetings, and grade level mini sessions (during the day). Our first full faculty meeting will be September 6th. Mini sessions and grade level meetings will begin this week too. Please see the schedule below. I have started trying to send calendar invites too. If you didn't receive one that you think you should have, then please let me know.

Grade 2 PowerTeacher Gradebook Setup

Friday, Aug. 25th, 9:15am

PD Room

This is for 2nd grade teachers only. We will meet during your planning block from 9:10-9:55. Please bring your laptops.

Grades K-2 Only Mini Session

Tuesday, Aug. 29th, 8am-2:15pm

PD Room

Grades K-2 teachers will meet during the RA blocks in the PD Room to discuss the Curriculum Map SAMR, Lesson Plan Format, Strategy Groups for Math, Placement of EQ/Editor's Checklist/Teacher Schedules, Ignore the Door Routines, and GCSource.

RA & Grades 3-5 PowerTeacher Grade Book Setup

Tuesday, Aug. 29th, 8am-2:15pm

Grade Level Cluster Area

Miss Drennon will meet with RA and Grade 3-5 teachers during planning blocks to setup the grade book on PowerTeacher.

Grade Level Meetings for 3-5

Wednesday, Aug. 30th, 3-4:30pm

PD Room

Grades 3-5 Teachers Only: Mrs. Stubley and Miss Drennon will discuss the Curriculum Map SAMR, Lesson Plan Format, Strategy Groups for Math, Placement of EQ/Editor's Checklist/Teacher Schedules, Ignore the Door Routines, and GCSource.

First Full Faculty Meeting

Wednesday, Sep. 6th, 3-4:30pm

PD Room

The whole faculty will meet in the PD room at the beginning. Mrs. Howard will be discussing protocol for reporting child abuse (15 minutes). We will then do a Serravallo Q&A (10 minutes).

Breakout Sessions 3:30-4:30

1. Calvage- Bus Expectations, Incentives, Behavior

2. ELA Breakout (Holly & Lynnette)

3. Howard & SPED- Discussing the needs of our SPED Population and 504s

STEM Activity with Miss Drennon

Over the next few weeks, I will be scheduling times to come meet your students and do a quick STEM activity with them. I really want to get to know all of the students as quick as possible! I do have lots of trainings over the next few weeks though, so it will take some time for me to get to each class. I will set this up with Faculty Council. :)

Benchmarks on Rubicon

I've had several questions about benchmarks on Rubicon. Even with Mastery Connect, we will still be doing the normal yearly math benchmarks. It is located on Rubicon under Curriculum Support; Assessments. You may give these tests in different segments. You can add questions to it, but please do not change the wording of the district tests.

Curriculum Support

We will not be doing the science benchmark. 4th grade will take this on Mastery Connect. Thank you!

Greatness at Gateway

I would love to spotlight some of the great teaching strategies or technology usage that you would be willing to share. I want to upload a quick picture and blurb. On the Team Drive there is a folder called "IC." Under that folder there is another folder called "Greatness at Gateway." If you will just upload a quick picture and brief summary on a Google Doc then I would love to share some of these ideas with the rest of the staff.

Greatness at Gateway

Team Schedules

When you have completed your classroom schedule, please upload it to the "17-18 Teacher Schedules" folder on the team Google Drive for Gateway.

17-18 Teacher Schedules

MAP Details, TE21, ELA Benchmark

MAP will be given ONLY in 2nd and 5th during the Winter Administration (December). K5 and 1st will have access to MasteryConnect item banks but will not take the TE21 assessments. 2nd-5th will have access to MasteryConnect item banks and will take the TE21 Assessments. I have a three day training on this next week, so more information will be coming soon.

F&P should be completed between September 11 and October 26. Spring assessments should be completed between April 9 and May 25th. Begin with the narrative writing prompt. Please take a close look at the ELA Benchmark Calendar. (Link Below)

ELA Benchmark Calendar


Daily homework for K-2 shall not exceed 30 minutes, including 20 minutes of reading. Daily homework in 3-5 shall not exceed 60 minutes. Completed homework has to be reviewed by the teacher and appropriate instructional follow-up shall occur. Homework can not be graded.

Miss Drennon's Website

On my website, I have many resources for teachers including support with A-Team, PowerTeacher, SAS, and Professional Development. You can also find useful links on the homepage for technology resources and my calendar. If there is anything else that would be helpful, please let me know.

Gateway Elementary PD Survey