Dragon Points

Happy Holidays!!!


The theatre students were awesome on Friday and if you were not in attendance you missed something special. Kudos to Mrs. Quinn! Also to the staff members that I saw in attendance such as Long, Meyer, Richmond, Hurst-Holland, Gieseker, Dill, and Bradford. Kudos to the Science department for the work on disaggregating data. Kudos to Mrs. Randle and her incredible writing skills.

Friday Night Lights

We will begin Friday Night Lights at the start of the second semester. This program is similar to what we ran last year except with a twist. We will be putting students who have zeroes in Friday Night Lights as an opportunity to make up missing assignments. Students will not be able to receive full credit but the goal is to promote student learning in the classroom. This will be open to all three grades, but I want some input from you. Later this week, a poster board and post-it notes will be placed in the lounge so that you can provide feedback on the program. Ms. Cameron and Mr. Vivero have agreed to be the supervisors but we are still searching for an alternate/substitute team. Please let Mrs. Brown know if you are interested. Welcome, newcomers. The tradition of festivus begins with the airing of grievances, I got a lot of problem with you people!!! And now you're gonna a hear about it. Alright, George! It's time for the feats of strength.

December 19th Duty Stations

If you are new to middle school, December 19th, the last day before winter break begins, tends to get a little contentious on middle school campuses. Because of this everyone will be on duty after school to ensure that student departure is as smooth as possible. Typically, buses arrive late and the car pickup line is lengthy which means we have to hang on to students for awhile. Friday's after school duty schedule is below:

Southridge Parking Lot: Girls and Boys Coaches.

Cafeteria: Inclusion Teachers

Vending Machines to Gym Exit: Fine Arts

6th Grade: Front of Building

7th Grade: Foyer to Cafeteria

8th Grade: Buses

Electives: Sweep building and then Cafeteria

Paras: Vending Machines

Counselors: Foyer to Front of Building

The Power of One Word

As we conclude our weeks of The No Complaining Rule, lets focus on the New Year...

"Every New Year, 87 percent of adults, more than 206 million people-create new goals and resolutions only to experience the same frustrating results: false starts and failure. Instead of resolutions and goal setting, simplify your life and focus on One Word. The simple truth is that people do not remember paragraphs, slogans, or even sentences. Words are powerful. They have the power to inspire, encourage, appreciate, heal, and turn the impossible into the possible." What is your One Word? More to come!!!!


The end result of kindness is that it draws people to you-Anita Roddick