Shea Hardman & Chloe Corley

The Target Market

Normally young females aged 12-25 wear Keds. The different designs are cute, and the look (Keds, Vans, Etc.) Is popular. Also, people like Taylor Swift and Kate Spade have collections.


Keds started being made in 1916. It was originally athletic shoes, but it became popular as just a fashionable shoe. It is different because they had the original idea of the sneaker and they have a background story.


It really depends on what store you go to, but pretty much every basic shoe store in the mall. (Rack Room, Journeys, Shoe Carnival, etc.) They sell plain Navy, Red, Black, and sometimes a print. If you want a specific print, then you can go on the keds we site.


It really depends on what kind and style you get. The cheapest one, (clearance), is $19.95. The most expensive pair, which are Kate Spade Leather ones, are $110. Normally, we like the ones that are $45-$50.


Keds are advertised by shoe stores, of course. Kate Spade and Taylor Swift have also contributed to Keds because they model them and wear them, and have their own collection. Taylor also advertises the idea of being brave with keys, like "Brave is always in style" and "Brave lives in the moment."