Anything But Typical



Jason Blake is a 12 year old boy with autism. Many people don't get what he knows, most people think he doesn't know what is going on. Jason Blake understands clearly what is going on but he gets bullied many times throughout the book. His family always try to make him feel normal but it only makes him feel worse. By the way, nobody notices his wonderful skill of writing. No teachers help him they just punish him for small things that even I do. For example, not being able to draw a face. His mom trys to help him by forcing him to do things that ordinary kids do. He only has one friend that understands him for who he is. This friend is a girl from the internet that loves his stories. When they meet in person, he isn't scared any more

Authors Purpose

The authors purpose of this book is that it doesn't really matter what people look like or act like as long as they act like they should, their is nothing wrong with them. Always give someone a chance before judging.

Personal Thoughts

Honestly, I loved this book. I loved the book Anything But Typical because it gave me somthing to think about, it had a lot of stuff going on and also it was really sad because Jason's problem affected his whole life. He only had one friend his whole life. But for him that was enough.


Jasons mom is verry over pretective about him but not much pretective but more "dont be yourself people dont like it'' for example his mom made him ware his pants more loose