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What Is Nuclear Medicine, And What Does It Do?

the branch of medicine that deals with the use of radioactive substances in research, diagnosis, and treatment. It uses the radiation to treat many things at once.

Facts About Nuclear Medicine

-Nuclear medicine provides information about the function of virtually every major organ system within the body, including some that normal tests cannot pick up.

-Nuclear medicine screenings are among the safest diagnostic imaging tests available.

-An estimated 16 milllion nuclear medicine imaging and therapeutic procedures are done each year in the United States.


How is Nuclear Medicine Used Today?

We use nuclear medicine as a safer alternative to normal medicine. Nuclear medicine can be harmful IF large doses are administrated, but that is extremely rare. The medicine is given by injection, pill, or inhaled. Although not recommended for pregnant women or small children, it is virtually allowed for anyone to get the medicine. (with doctors consent)

Why Should You Be Proactive on Nuclear Medicine?

-It helps patients determine the fatality of the disease, including if it has a choice of spreading to other extremities.

-It also helps decide the best treatment based on the biology of the patient.

-Determines the persons reaction to different medicines

- Helps to show the patients medicine regiment is effective

- Shows info that isn't accessible through normal diagnostics.

- Plus it shows reoccurrence of disease and helps manage future care for said disease.

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