Weekly RoaR

Week ending March 18, 2016

Mark Your Calendar!

March 21

TELPAS Reading - Grade 2, 8:30 AM

March 22

Major Saver Assembly, 9:45 AM

Spring & Class Pictures

March 23

Third Quarter Ends

March 24

PD Day, Student Holiday

*See schedule below*

March 25

Student & Staff Holiday

March 29

Writing STAAR

March 31

TELPAS Reading - Grade 3, 8:00 AM

April 1

Ocean Adventure Program, 7:50 AM

PD Day: March 24

Our day will go as follows...


Breakfast Pot Luck - Sign up in the lounge!

Easter Egg Hunt - Get your running shoes on! Grab your glasses! Bring a bucket..or a pocket!

9:00 to 11:30

PLCs: intervention schedules, purposeful planning, data disaggregating, common assessment creation

*PLC Leaders: Please send an agenda with room number to Duvall & Branch by Wednesday, March 23. Let us know if you need us to pop by or to provide any information!*

11:30 to 12:30


12:30 to 2:00

STAAR General Training - all certified staff must attend


Team Time

RtI Check-Ins (At some of the MOY RtI meetings, we said that we would check in on some students after Spring Break. This is a time for those "check-ins." Schedule to come soon!)

Schedule Time!

We are going to start building schedules for 2016-2017. We would like your feedback about what works, what didn't work, when would you like certain things scheduled (intervention, math, reading, CAMP), etc.? Give your feedback here. The form will be open until Thursday, March 24 for feedback!

Making Makers

Have you heard about the Maker Movement? Or Makerspaces? I've attended a few sessions on them at EdCamps, talked with fellow educators about them casually, stalked a few Maker Leaders on Twitter, visited a few campuses that have started them, and of course, I have read many blogs, articles, and opinion posts regarding the movement in education.

If you have not (or even if you have), I have added a super short video below to introduce the concept.

I played devil's advocate for a bit--Is it just playing? Is it a waste of funding? Is it a short lived fad? Can it even be tied to curriculum? I've found mixed reviews. And though opinions of Makerspaces vary, I am intrigued by the basis of such a movement in education, especially with elementary-aged students. Here's a pretty good article I recently read: "How to Ensure that Making Leads to Learning."

Interested in learning more? Or forming a team to make a Dino Makerspace? What are your thoughts? Give it to me: HERE.

What is a MakerSpace?