Modern Candy

Not So Boring

Research the problem

Overall, today, candy machines are boring and not fun, and we want to revamp them. Design wise, we found a few new-age solutions that we wish to combine into one solid, fun product.

Developing Possible Solutions

We came up with a few of the following solutions to make the process fun and interesting:

  • Motion sensor selection and dispensing
  • Voice spoken selections and menus
  • The ability to accept credit cards
  • LCD Screens

Choosing the best

Overall, we chose to combine the best of all worlds and make an awesome candy machine. This machine can accept credit cards, our candy loyalty card, it has motion sensor selection and dispensing, for the blind---menus are spoken, and there is a beautiful LCD display on the unit.

Test & Evaluate & Redesign

Finally, the changes that I would make to the design of our candy machine include the addition of a stand and the possibility of the machine to run completely off of a dynamic power source such as battery to allow the placement in a building endless. These options could be sold separately.