Gregor Mendel

Founder of Genetics


Mendel expanded the learning of heredity. He also helped scientists understand what genetics are.

Early Years

  • Successes
-He had good relationships with teachers

-He earned top marks in science and mathematics

  • Struggles
-He was unable to find a job for a while

-He had a tough time taking exams

Experimental Design

Mendel wanted to see if he could cross a long term pea plant with a short term pea plant. He chose pea plants for there purity and because there easy to observe. The data in the picture shows that, Mendel had 3 times as many round, yellow and long pea plants compared to angular, green and short pea plants.


When Mendel crossed green and yellow pea plants he always made a yellow pea plant. When he took two of those yellow pea plants he could make a green pea plant. This means that the DNA codes still has a green gene it just skips a generation.


Many scientist didn't fully understand Mendel's experiment with the pea plants, or how pea plants were related to genetics with organisms. It took scientists many years after Mendel's death to begin to understand how Mendel's study with pea plants actually worked. Now many scientist base there genetic research with Mendel's.


Mendel helped scientists figure out what genetics are and how to know what genetics make up things like pea plants. He's viewed as father of modern genetics. He taught others how to understand genetics. He did this by experimenting with over 10,000 pea plants.


Dominant-Gene or trait that will over power another gene. Example; the dominant gene of blue made the little girl have blue eyes.

Recessive-A gene that gets covered up by a dominant gene. Example; the recessive gene was brown compared to the dominant blue gene.

CoDominant- A gene that's neither dominant nor recessive. Example; the CoDominant gene of green was in the little boys DNA.

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