20515 Upper Green St


Monthly Payment Est*

Principle and Interest: $890

Taxes: $338

Mortgage Insurance: $158

Insurance: $200

HOA: $26

Total Monthly Payment: $1612

Down Payment Required: $6996 (Down Payment Assistance Available)

Estimate based on FHA Loan parameters. Principle and interest is based on an Apr of 5.761% and interest rate of 4.5%. Rates are subject to change. Rate based on 640 average credit score, 640 credit score required for down payment assistance.

Please fax or email the following information to get your Approval

- 2 most recent paystubs - 2 most recent bank statements - Copy of Drivers License

- Copy of Social Security card - Past 2 year tax returns - Past 2 year w-2's

Fill out and submit your loan application at http://jonathantyo.hancockmortgage.com/


Contact Jonathan Tyo

Cell 281-787-3996

Fax 713-583-7867

Email JTyo@hancockmtg.com

NMLS# 1133721

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