Noticing Zero

A description of Zero

The character's appearance

Zero is a character in the novel ''Hole''. He has dark ,curly hair , small, a wide moth, African American.

The character's actions

Zero scooped out a shovelful of dirt and a pile that was already almost a foot tall. pg,26

He almost a angry look on his face. pg,46. Zero walked into the tent. pg,81.

What the character's says.

Zero says ''can you teach me.'' pg,82 ''I want to learn to read and write ,''Zero said . pg 82 ''you don't have to teach me to write,''Zero said ''Just to read.I don't have anybody to write to."pg 82

What others say about the character

''Zero is one weird dude,'' said Zigzag. pg 37. ''You know why his name 's Zero?''said Mr.Pendanski.''Because there's nothing inside him head.'' pg 19. Zero was the fastest digger . pg 69.