Good Friends Never Let Go

EJ Rich Periods 1-2

Analysis of the Development of Theme

In the book "Freak the Mighty", the setting has a big impact on the book. On Max and Kevin's first adventure, it's the Fourth of July, and they're on there way to the pond to watch the fireworks, when they were interrupted by Tony D. (aka Blade) and his gang. Tony D. is out to rob "the freak kid", when Kevin says: "Come Maxwell, ignore the cretin." (pg. 31), and then defines it as "someone who suffers from mental deficiency." After Kevin says this, Tony D. gets really mad, and Max and Kevin vamoose. After the fireworks, Max is pulling Kevin home in his wagon, when they encounter Tony D. again, and Tony D. says: "YOU! The Freak kid and the giant retard, it's time to dice and slice, baby!" (pg. 35) And they chase after them. Max puts Kevin on his shoulders, so they can go faster, and Kevin is steering Max into the muddy pond, where they are safe, but stuck. But not for long. Blade starts chucking rocks at them, and they start with big rocks, but they fall short, then they get smarter, and they start throwing smaller rocks at them, and Max knows they're doomed. Then Freak starts whistling, and it's because he saw a cop car. They're saved! This is the start of Freak the Mighty. And, also, the setting saved them, which is the pond, so the setting is very important.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I agree with the theme that good friends never let go. The author laid out this theme well because he made it go throughout the whole book, whereas some authors lay out their theme for a few chapters, then get away with a boring story. This theme also relates to my life because friends have a big impact on my life, so this book became one of my favorites. This theme is relevant to the story because Max does well with friends next to him when he's answering a question, because he knows that the friend won't laugh at him, and maybe even help him, if they were smart enough. And people like Max need good friends, because of his learning disability.


Summary of Text


The book is about friendships, even with the smallest and least important people. Everyone needs a friend, so be one. If you're a friend to everyone, then everyone will like you. Friends are born, not made, just like heroes are born, not made. So be a hero, and be a friend, do some simple things, like sitting by someone you sits alone at lunch, or just smiling in the halls. This can prevent suicidal thoughts later in life. If you don't have a friend, then still be one. You'll make friends eventually.