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September 20, 2019

Focus 2019-20

Our 3 Focus Areas for the 2019-20 school year:


Thank you for meeting with families this week during Parent/Teacher Conferences. As a follow up please reach out to parents who were unable to attend and provide another opportunity for them to discuss their students progress.

Social/Emotional Learning

Vickie, Laura, and I will be attending a Social & Emotional Learning Showcase this week at Prairie Heights sponsored by IASP. We hope to learn about more ways we can work together to support our students and will share what we learn with all of you soon.

Reading in All Subjects

This week I listened to Dara Yoder read the book Poop to her Language Arts class. This is a short, silly children's book with few words but here is what I observed. Students came into class asking what book she was going to read to start off (this is a regular routine). The students were talking about the book before she even began to read it. All of the students in class listened while she read, watched her turn the pages to see what silly word or picture was next, and responded when she finished. Several even asked what book she was reading tomorrow when she was done.

Regardless of the lexile, content, or format, students were vested in the activity. They anticipated it, they engaged in it, they responded to it. That's what we want isn't it? So while the book Poop will not work in every classroom, adapting this type of activity to what you do could. It could be a short current event, an article, a few pages of a book that you continue on with each day. It could be a children's book. We all used to love them and many are packed with wisdom even if in simple terms.

I can't say enough good things about what I observed during this short time in class. Talk to Dara about it. I think she's really onto something here.

College GO! Week

If you dress up this week and jeans "complete the outfit" you are welcome to wear them for College GO! Week.
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College GO! Week Door Intro

Everyone please complete this form and return to Mrs. Knepper so they can be displayed this week.


Assignments for September 19 will be due September 26. Please remember to use the "E" code only for students who do not complete their assignments. No other codes should be entered. Be sure to enter "E" on the correct date as well.

First Friday Events - Save the Dates

Friday, October 4th we will have a tailgate party before the Homecoming football game. Meat and drinks provided. Everyone bring a dish to share and meet under the tent on the Northwest side of the building behind the gym.

On Sunday, October 6th we will host everyone at Trowbridge Farms - The Amazing Maze. Meat and drinks will be provided. Everyone bring a dish to share. The activity fee for employees will be covered. Family members will be $4 each with children 3 and under free.

Both of these events are for you and your family.

Fighting for the Forkers

This week the Volleyball Team is sponsoring Fighting for the Forkers to help support Tony & Kelly Forker and their family Kennedy & Kole Forker and Katy & Kane Forker. They will host a benefit game on 9/26 with a Bake Sale, Silent Auction, and T-shirt Sales. Anyone who can please reach out to Coach Scott or Coach Hootman. If you would like to make a donation to their fundraising campaign please see Megan Lortie or Laura Scott. You are welcome to jeans with a donation.


Thank you for your efforts during morning supervision. The presence in the hallways, gymnasium, restrooms, and cafeteria is providing a safer, more welcoming environment as we start each day. Some of you have asked about morning meeting times. We assigned supervision by department and also paired LArts & Social Studies and Math & Science so that depending on your schedule you have 2 or 3 days/week available to meet. We also scheduled 2 people in each location so that if you have a meeting on a day you have supervision you can let your partner know and they can cover. If you find a day that you are both going to be gone, please reach out to the other teachers who supervise your area on your off days and ask to switch coverage with them. This built-in flexibility should allow for coverage and collaboration time. If you questions please ask. The schedule was shared with all of you in a Google Doc titled 2019-20 Supervision Schedule.

Congratulations to the Leffers!

Pat & Kym welcomed a new grandchild into the world last week.

Meet Ruth (Ruthie) Elaine Leffers

Upcoming Events:

9/23-27 College GO! Week

9/30-10/4 Homecoming Week

10/4 - Day of Caring