Message from our Superintendent

Loveland City School District, April 29, 2020

Dear Tiger Family -

Last night, voting for the March 17 primary election ended. In-person voting was cancelled late on March 16 for health and safety reasons. The Board of Elections in Clermont, Hamilton, and Warren Counties posted preliminary results into the morning hours. On behalf of the Board of Education, we want to thank everyone who was able to cast their ballot. Final results will not be available until sometime after May 8.

Unofficial results indicate the operating levy has failed. (Link to the press release.) We are extremely disappointed, but respect the outcome of the vote. The Board of Education will begin implementing the planned budget reductions, including the elimination of high school busing, at the board meeting tomorrow evening. Staffing reductions will occur at the May board meeting. The district will need to return to the ballot and the board will begin the discussion of the date and the request over the next months.

Closing up the 2019-20 school year

We have been working hard behind the scenes to develop the plans that will allow all of us to finish up the school year. We work closely with health and safety experts and rely on their guidance as well as guidance from the Ohio Department of Education. As I’m sure you can imagine, these are fluid and ever-changing times and we continue to plan, plan again, and adapt our plans to respond to changing guidance.

We are working closely with local officials to ensure that plans for things like locker clean out are supported by local police and fire officials. We also must make sure that we are in compliance with the County Health Department. Those plans have all been approved and you will receive further information from your principals.

We know that everyone is anxious to know about graduation plans and we had hoped to have that finished up for communication today. However, yesterday the Governor relaxed original guidance about graduation ceremonies, encouraging local school districts to look for ways to follow physical distancing and safety requirements. While we absolutely want to honor our graduates, we must do so in a way that prioritizes safety and that is accessible to all our students. We will share those plans as soon as we are able.

I continue to be incredibly proud of the staff who have been creative and innovative in their ideas to engage our students. I am also grateful for the support of our parents and your continued patience during a time when we have more questions than answers.

In service to our Tigers,

Dr. Amy Crouse, Superintendent

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