Andrea Osuna

Family above all

My family is quite small but we like to spend time together and we enjoy our company. Together we do the unexpected and we live life to the fullest. They've helped me through very hard times and i can trust them 100 percent. Together we're at a place where love begins and never ends.

"Other things may change but we start and end with family"

I get by with a little help from them...

Although my lads and I make a small group, they can help me with about anything I need. Asalia, Carol, Jullissa, Bianca, Sara, and Ceci are the few people in my life I can count on and be myself with. They're one of the most important ingredients in my life.

Things I like

These are not only some of the shows i like but also some of the people i look up to and admire. They inspire me and although they're quite famous and don't know who i am they've impacted and changed my life greatly.
One Direction - Night Changes
5 Seconds of Summer - Try Hard