Tunisia Times

By Lexie Wolfe

Left Behind

Silt is rich soil that was found in the Nile River. Every year, when the Nile river floods, the silt is brought wherever the water goes. The silt was left behind on the banks when the river went back down.

Sandy Saudi

First clue: 830,000 square miles of dry land. Second clue: This country has no permanent bodies of water. Yep, you guessed it, Saudi Arabia! Saudi Arabia is a dry country located in southwest Asia. Due to the lack of bodies of water, Saudi Arabia has many wadis.

No friends?

Have two of your good friends ever been in a fight with each other and they expect you to choose sides? Well, if you said no, then you are one lucky guy, my friend. Anyways, say Sally and Lisa are the ones in the fight, and you choose sides with Sally. Well, Sally would NOT appreciate it If you swapped food with Lisa at lunch. You could say she's set an embargo. An embargo is an order that restricts or prohibits trade with another country. Sally is prohibiting that you trade with Lisa.

Talkin' Turkey

We could all agree that Turkey is great. No, not the food turkey, but the place Turkey. Did you know that severe earthquakes often oqqur in Turkey? Also, Turkey's climate varies throughout the country. The Pontic mountains are located in Turkey, as well.

The scoop on the Sahara

When you hear Sahara Desert you automatically think "Heat". I don't blame you! The Sahara Desert is almost the size of the United States, claiming the title of the world's largest desert. Located in Northern Africa, this is one place you wouldn't want to be when you forget your camel.

Aswan Dam; Angel or Demon?

The Aswan dam is located in Egypt. This dam is very important to the Egyptians, because it controls the Nile's flood waters. Along with controlling flood waters, this dam creates hydroelectricity. The Aswan dam is no saint, there are also some major faults. This dam blocks the flow of silt, and prevents less freshwater from getting to the delta.
The Sahara Desert
Aswan Dam