Nuttall Family Camp Out!


Nuttall Family Camp Out

Thursday, July 11th, 11am to Sunday, July 14th, 11am

Ledgefork campground, Oakley, UT

Oakley, UT

Our campsites are: #67, #68, #70, #71, and #73

Fun suggestions of things to do

Potluck Meals: We would like to have a potluck breakfast one of the mornings and a dutch oven potluck on Friday night - text me with any ideas, opinions or comments.

Games: Kickball has been suggested, so if anyone has a ball we can kick, bring it. Other ideas are croquet and badminton. Please bring any other outdorr games that you have so we have a fun variety.

Activities: It had been mentioned that Dave and Dad were going to head up bottle rockets. Also, it sounds like fun to make homemade glow sticks. I will include a list of ingredients that you wil need to bring for that. Its really simple and fun. I will be heading that up one of the nights.

Fire Food: Orange Brownies - brownies in an orange baked in the coals of the fire

Banana Canoes - bananas stuffed with goodness baked in the coals of the fire

Fishing!!!: Everyone grab your fishing poles, hooks, lines, sinkers and bait - and DON'T FORGET YOUR LICENSES. I had a dream that Louis caught a ginormous fish and then the rangers came, and he didn't have a license of his own, but he pulled out a license that had been smudged by the rain or something, ( I think it was Allen's or the wrong date or something) so it passed cause they trusted it was legitimate. I know - weird dream, but I had to share it anyway to get everyone to remember their licenses. :)


Text me before you call me if you can as I'm at work a lot :D