Perfect by Natasha Friend

Book Report by Delaney Siebert

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Isabelle is having a hard time with life after her dad died. She started being bulimic. She kept it a secret for awhile but then one day her little sister caught her and told on her to her mom. After her mom found out she made her go to a therapy group. At the therapy group she saw one of the most popular girls at her school there named Ashley. She couldn't believe that someone as perfect as her would be going to a therapy group for eating disorders. She thought she was only there to help the other girls with treatment. Throughout the book Ashley and Isabelle become really good friends and they hangout all the time. They also binge together and then throw up together, but later on in the book isabelle starts to realize that she doesn't need to throw up anymore because she's perfect the way she is. Ashley though doesn't quite stop as much, even though Isabelle wished she did. The book ended with Ashley going away to Christmas vacation, so we don't really know what happened in the end to either of them.

What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoyed the fact that she based the book off of real life events that lot's of teenage girls struggle with.

Which characters play an important role to the overall theme?

Ashley does, because Ashley was the one person who really understood what Isabelle was going through with her eating disorder. Ashley was also there for her when they were at group, she would always compliment Isabelle and that helped Isabelle to want to stop with her eating disorder.

What was the authors purpose for writing this book?

I think the author wrote this book to bring to attention that lots of teenage girls have bad body images of themselves and sometimes it's hard for them to accept themselves the way that they are. Also to bring to attention that lots of teenage girls struggle with eating disorders.

Was the ending satisfactory?

I don't think the ending was satisfactory for me, just because I wanted to know if Ashley and Isabelle got over their eating disorders or if they didn't.


I think that the theme of this book is that even though someone can seem like the complete perfect person, they are really just like you.