The unigue magnificent bottle nose dolphin! First they could be found all the ocean and the world! Did you know that they can grow up to 3ft long! Dolphins eat a lot of sea creatuers! Most of all dolphins have a lot of features about them!

Home Sweet Home

Did you know that bottle nose dolphins are all around the world? The bottle nose dolphin can be found in the ocean around the world. Next they like the warm water, they are found near the equaor. Finally they stay in a group wich is called school herd. most important dolphins have compunay in the water like there dolphins friends.


Did you know that dolphins can be playfull with people? Bottle nose dolphin can hold there breath for up to 20mins . they can dive depths below to 600 feet (183m). Next, they also may swim 40miles per hour in a day. Also dolphins can grow up to 13ft long.Becuase of there active lifestyle, dolphins have to catch an average of 20 to50 pounds of food a day. Last of all, dolphins can live in the wild becuase thier features.

Yum! Dinner time

Did you that dolphins eat many different kinds of fish? frist the dolphins like to eat fish and other sea creachers like squidard,tuna,and octopus. Next they also like tuna. finally they are hunters and they swim fast to get there food. In the end dolphins can do tricks and other things.


An imortant dolphins have a unigue lifestyle.Most important dolphins can be discovered all around the world and ocean. in brief dolphins are the most popelashon to be found in the world. The finall dolphins eat 20to 50 pounds a day. The most inportant dolphins are unigue and magnifisant dolphins you could ever see in your life!


Dolphin talk - dolphins stay in contackt using a complex language of whisle,chrips,and cliks. magificant- exceptionally fine unigue- very specail or unusal. unigue- vrey special or unusual.


kids thing dolphins by Elizabeth carnel.

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hi i am jazmin day i am the author of this nonfiction righting pice and i am a 11 years old also i like to right rough draghs finally my favorite teacher is mrs.Brooks and ms. Pepe.