textbooks vs. notebook computers

By: Andrea Solis

Should students’ textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?

Yes, because some student must have heavy binders plus text books the are super heavy but if you replace the big textbooks with small potable computers there backpacks won't be as heavy.

Sending and turning in

Students have a problem with losing paper and turning in papers. If we had computers it would be easier to turn in papers it would also be easier for teachers to grade and to send grades to students.

Trees and copy machines

If you have a computers for schools you save trees. teachers make to many copies and all they are doing are killing trees if we have a computer we would be saving trees. with the copy machines they break a lot and if we had computers it could not break down and we would have them for really important papers like test, scan trons,etc.

Hands on and learning

With textbooks it is never hand on but with computers it can be both hands on and not hands on. Also students can learn different ways to use tech stuff on the computers.


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Therefore, I believe that if we use computers it will help us learn and at the same time save the environment.