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Tunis is the capital of Tunisia. (Political)

Unemployment rate of Tunisia is 17.2%. (Economic)

Ninety eight percent of Tunisians are Arab, the rest are either European or Jewish. (Social)

In-between the Mediterranean sea, Algeria, and Libya, Tunisia is about 63,169 sq miles. (Geography)

Seventy five years is the average life expectancy. (Social)

Injurious and harmful waste disposal is not working and poses great risks. (Geography)

Agriculture products include olives, olive oil, tomatoes, and grain. (Economic)


The government of Tunisia is a republic that officially became a country in 1956. They have a prime minister for a leader, and the capital of Tunisia is called Tunis. In Tunisia, you must be at least 18 years old to vote. Something interesting that I learned is that the long version of saying "Tunis" is Al Jumhuriyah at Tunisiyah.
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Tunisia has a market economy and a GDP per capita of 9,900. Tunisia uses Tunisian dollars as their form of currency. Some major industries in Tunisia include oil, mining, tourism, textiles, and footwear. 18% of people in Tunisia work in agriculture, 32% work in the industry, and 50% work in services. About 17% are jobless.
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Tunisia is located in northern Africa bordering Libya and Algeria. It hot summers and rainy winters. Tunisia's natural resources include oil, phosphates, iron ore, lead, zinc, and salt. A transportation border in this 63,169 square mile country, is the Sahara Desert. Two examples of transportation corridors are the Mediterranean Sea, and the Medjerda River.
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Tunisia is not a very diverse place, with 98% of the population being Arab. Also the 99.1% of the people are Muslim (Sunni). The major languages in Tunisia are Arabic, French, and Berber. One of Tunisia's traditional foods is called couscous which is basically pasta made out of a special type of wheat. A holiday that Tunisians celebrate is called Eid al-Fitr which celebrates the end of fasting at the end of Ramadan.
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