Mrs. Burrell's First Grade

April 4, 2016



· We will summarize what we read.

· We will sequences the events in the story.

· We will read expository texts and poems.

High Frequency Words (Sight Words):

· or

· enough

· eyes

· learn

· open

Oral Vocabulary:

· mature means it has finished growing

· newborn means just born

· process is a set of steps or changes that come in a special order

· remain means to stay in a place

· slender means thin

· cub is a very young bear, wolf, lion, or tiger

· wild is when a plant or animal lives on its own without any help

Spelling Words:

· spoil

· coin

· join

· joy

· toy

· boy

· town

· mouse

· eyes

· enough

· voice (challenge word)

· enjoy (challenge word)

My Math

This week we will be finishing chapter 9 and start chapter 10. Chapter 9 covers two-dimensional shapes and equal shares. Chapter 10 covers three-dimensional shapes.

Important Information

There is no homework this week. We will continue practicing the spelling words sent home last week and we are still working on the math lessons that correlate with the math homework sent home last week.

We are going on a field trip next Tuesday. You only need to return the slip if you would like to go with us on the field trip.

Important Dates

  • Moms and Muffins is Friday, April 8 at 7:45.
  • Field trip to Cal Ranch is Tuesday, April 12.
  • Kite Festival is Saturday, April 23.