3S Sensations

Week of 9/21/15

A Note From Ms. Salazar

Hello! We had another great (short) week in Room 106! The kiddos have been working hard and are really settling into the different routines throughout the day. Homework as been coming in consistently (yay!) and it was exciting to get into more academic tasks this past week.

We completed our Moby Max pretest and starting next week I will challenge the class to log on from home. We also started practicing on Typing Agent. In a couple weeks, your child will be asked to practice typing at home 20-30 minutes per week. We also got to meet our Kindergarten Buddies for the year and help them log onto the computer. Our third graders acted as great mentors and were SO patient and helpful with the little ones. :)

Check out the pictures below for a peek into your child's week as a third grader!

Important Dates

9/25: Welcome Back Movie Night, 7PM, All Purpose Room

10/5-10/9: Week of Respect**

10/7: National Circus Project Assembly, 9 AM, All Grades

10/12: Salad Bar Lunch

10/13: Parent Visitation, 9 AM- 11 AM**

10/14: Parent Visitation, 1 PM- 230 PM

10/15: Lizzy Eats At Zinburger Night, 4 PM-10 PM**

10/16: Individual Picture Day- The date on the town calendar is incorrect.

10/22: Community Meeting, 145PM, APR

10/24: Fall Fair, 11 AM- 3 PM**

**See Mr. Bissinger's E News for more information

Rotary Club of Haddonfield

The Rotary Club of Haddonfield visited our third grade class as a part of Dictionary Week. They gave each student their very own dictionary and taught our third graders how to use their new dictionaries. We will use them next week as we begin to look up a Self Selected Word each week. (SSW) They loved the visit!

Math Workshop

Our Small Group instruction, in the form of stations, is working out very well! It allows Ms. Weber and I to hone in on specific skills and provide differentiated instruction. Our Mathletes have been playing instructional games, practicing their facts, using the iPads, and meeting with the teachers. This week we focused on telling time, elapsed time, and on graphing. We will revisit these skills later in the year but students should be able to tell time to the nearest minute.

Next week we will work with money and making change!

Reading Workshop

This week we introduced the fourth station of our Daily 5. Students learned expectations and routines for Listening To Reading. We listened to A Fine, Fine School as students followed along in their text books. Friday, we were able to do a complete rotation of all 4 stations! We look forward to our Reading Workshop every day!

We also played our first round of the Vocab Spinner Game! This is a big hit every year as students become "experts" on one of our vocabulary words, then give clues to their classmates during our game! Classmates guess the words and then discuss the definitions. It's a blast!

Next week we will begin to meet with Guided Reading groups as the rest of the students move through our stations.

Vocab Spinner Game

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Read To Self

Read To Someone

Listen to Reading

Work on Writing

Writing Workshop

This week, students continued to write entries about true stories from their lives. They learned the art of storytelling vs. summarizing. Students analyzed writing and realized that strong writers tell stories bit by bit, and write in a way that helps the movie make a movie in their minds. Readers should be able to hear, feel, and see the story in their minds.

Science Lab

We visited the lab this week and continued to observe our Brassica Plants. We noticed that the plants were going through a growth spurt and developed buds this week. Some students predicted that the buds would have seeds in them but today we noticed some yellow flowers popping out of the buds. Students also noticed that some of the plants were losing their seed leaves (the first leaves that appeared) and we discussed the importance of the true leaves so the plant gets rid of what it no longer needs.

Finally, we started to discuss bees and bee colonies. Students learned about the Queen Bee, Worker Bees, and the Drones. We talked about the different jobs each bee type has in order to help keep the colony running. We even made our own bee sticks!

Next week we will observe our [dried] bees more closely and discuss pollination.

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Typing Agent-Check out their posture!

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Helping our Buddy Class in The Computer Lab!

Have a great weekend!