Rocket Store

Hannah Wessing, Joe Maddox, Logan Jeffries

Six business activities for your business

1- generating ideas We think by creating this store there will be a high demand for Rocket wear and other supplies. We think this because there is no other store that sells a big variety of this stuff in Rochester. Rochester is very supportive of our teams and would love to get there stuff for a cheap price and that will last a long time. No one has a store like this anywhere in town. It would be a great store to keep here and it would last a long time.

2- Raising Capital The total cost for our whole business was $25,000. The money we used to start our business was, we each contributed $5,000. $4,000 of the money came from fundraisers and programs. The rest of the $6,000 came from financial investors. We plan to pay financial investors back very soon, because we know business will be very well in Rochester. Rocket fans are very supportive of their teams.

3- Employment & Training We plan to have about 2 cashiers, 3 stock people. I’m the manager, and Joe & Logan are the assistant managers. We make sure you have no police records and are safe with people. We train our employees by making sure that they can get here on time, and making sure that they are responsible and are capable of doing this job. We do not want to hire anyone that does not like their job or don’t know how to do it.

4 Buying Goods & Services: We will get our supplies at Walmart, staples, and other office supply stores. We will hire people to make our products. We need to get machines to make our products so we don’t waste time doing it ourselves. We would get supplies from Walmart like cloth for our clothing we sell. We will get small items and supplies from staples, and Office Max. We will all other supplies from Joann fabrics and other stores.

5 Marketing Goods & Services: We will market our business in many ways. We will have out number in the phone-book so people can look us up when they need to order anything they need. We will put our business in the daily newspaper, and magazines, because we know people read it. We will have Joe go on the radio and advertise for us, because thousands of people listen to it. Even rocket fans. We have a website up for our business, because nowadays most people are on their electronic devices most of the day.

6 maintaining business records We keep our records safely on our company's website. We use the Microsoft databases to store owner information and sales. we also have a police records of the employees installed into our system. We keep track of all of the shipments and deliveries that occur on our site.

Business Goals

5 Business goal:

1. To earn a profit and have a successful business

2. To have a good company with no complaints

3. To satisfy our customers

4. we want to have a good brand so people will want to come back

5. We want to have a decent price for our products

Mission Statement

Our business is the Rocket Store. We sell items to help show spirit for our teams. From, football to golf. We do it for the Rochester residents and for the support of our teams. We always make sure our customers are first, and make sure we give them a great experience, and make sure they come back. We are in this industry because we want to make sure our teams feel confident, and they know we support them, and its good for others. We started this business, so we can show our teams we support them.

Voice recorded mission statement: