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Nikol Voloshin



I am Nikol Voloshin.

I have another name, Noy. My age is eleven. I live in Ashdod,Gai Oni 2 \ 32. My hair is brown and my eyes too. I have one brother named or haim and is learning at school with me in class 2, I am learning in class 6 and we go to school eschol.

My favorite day is Friday,and my favorite food is Shawarma!

I love music, and I love the music of Avril Lavigne and Justin Bieber.

My free time I like to meet with frindes, play with my brother, Photoshop design,playing on the computer, watch on TV and more..


Monday, Jan. 6th 2003 at 11:45pm

בית חולים, באר שבע, נתיבות, ישראל



My family

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Video of my cousin



My friends

Songs that I love

Justin Bieber NEVER LET YOU GO Acoustic 2012
Avril Lavigne - AOL Sessions 08/04/2002 - Full Live



So it's me.

Hope you learned something new about me,

And love my submission.

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