American History

Suumative Assessment

Louisiana Purchase (1803)

The United States purchased land from France (about 828,000,000 square miles). This doubled the size of the U.S. The land reached from the Mississippi river in the east to the Rocky Mountains in the west and from the Gulf of Mexico in the south to the Canadian border in the north.

This was a good change because it made the United States a lot bigger. They had more land to farm on. It also gave the U.S control of the Mississippi river and the port city of New Orleans. This really helped the farmers get their crops to different locations and were able to make more money than before.

Telegraph (1837)

Made by Samuel Morse. He made this so people could send signals to other people long distance. The telegraph worked by transmitting electrical signals over a wire between two different locations.

This was a good change. This change a lot of things, people were able to talk to each other long distance. They were able to communicate with a machine. Later on, the telegraph changed and got easier to use.

Indian Removal Act (1830)

The Indian removal act was passed by congress while Andrew Jackson was the president.

He thought it would be better for farmers if the Indians left. He said they had to move them to protect them. Andrew Jackson said them moving was voluntary but, it wasn’t they kicked out of their homes.

This was a really bad change because people were forced out of their homes and had to move across the country. Andrew Jackson said he was protecting them from the settlers but, this was a way for him to kick them out. This was a bad change for the Indians.

Trail of tears

This was a part of Andrew Jackson’s removal act. The Cherokee nation was forced to give up their land and leave. They had to move to today Oklahoma. Over 4,00 out of 15,000 of the Cherokees died during this trip.

This was a bad change, Indians had to leave their homes and move across the country. Adults and children were forced out of their homes and had to relocate to a different area. Many people died while going to this new area (today’s Oklahoma). This was terrible for them, they had to walk all the way there on feet. Many people died of the weather, sickness and, exhaustion.

Ziz Zag sewing machine

Made by Helen Blanchard.Helen was from a wealthy family unfortunately, they lost all of their money. Helen tried to find ways to make money and she did that inventing. One of her inventions was the zig zag sewing machine. This made it way easier and faster to make clothing and other items.

This was a good change this made it easier and faster to make clothing. The zig zag sewing machine changed many things you didn’t have to sew your clothes or other items. Later on, this machine changed and developed and got better than before.