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December 2018 Edition

LaCygne Elementary

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Act Responsibly

Respect the Rights of Others

Everyone learns with best Effort

We know our mistakes help us learn and grow.

Office Hours are 7:45 AM - 3:45 PM

From the Principal, Cindy Dziadosz

Our first half of our school year has been tremendous thanks in a large part to our dedicated staff and many wonderful students. We have enjoyed many special activities each month. The holiday season brings the opportunity for sharing and showing care for others. Students have participated in a peanut butter drive and food drive to support the local food pantry. The annual Christmas program provides an opportunity for students to showcase their performance talents with families, friends and the community.

Students recently completed mid-year testing which has shown gains by many students, grade levels and our school as a whole.

As we begin second semester, I would like to thank you for your continued support of our many activities during the first half of the year. We are anxious to get third quarter underway and have many exciting events planned for the months ahead. The winter months provide quality learning time and with the cold weather, the opportunity to provide extra family reading time can be easier to schedule. Please know teachers look forward to the opportunity to spend time sharing your child’s progress with you during the February Parent Teacher conferences.

Our ultimate goal of providing a solid education which focuses on student growth is achieved through high expectations for quality teaching and student achievement. We are committed to providing a safe, positive learning environment to ensure academic success and solid character development.

Our teachers are always willing to communicate and be of help to you and your child. Please feel free to contact them by phone or their school email address. If you have a question or concern I urge you to communicate with the teacher first as they can best share information directly about your child. Our students' individual growth and success continue to be at the forefront of all that we do.

We invite you to tour our district and school website, or follow us on Facebook and become familiar with our wonderful school. If I can be of assistance in any way please stop by or give me a call at 913-757-4417.

Did You Know?

  • In our school students participate in Ohanas at least once a quarter.

This year students and staff will be completing a special activity called Ohanas. Staff members were matched with at least one student from each grade level. These groups, called Ohanas (families), meet together at least four times throughout the year to work on various social skills, character skills and to build relationships. Students will stay in the same Ohana throughout their school career. The goals of the activity have included:

· Student connection with at least one other adult in the building besides their teacher

· Connection of students across grade levels

· Meeting our goal of a school-wide relationship activity for KESA (state accreditation)

The first school-wide meeting for all Ohanas was in September. Students were sorted into Ohanas “Harry Potter sorting hat style” in the commons. Family then met, completed introductions, took a family photo and used various art supplies to begin making a totem which represented each family and its members. Totems and photos are displayed in the the front hallway. Students and staff enjoyed the time and are excited for future Ohana meetings.

Big picture

Repeat Information

Big picture

Consistent attendance is like a book: if you miss chapters 3,8 and 12, how can you understand what’s going on in the story? When students miss school, they are missing valuable instruction- in multiple content areas- that simply cannot be replaced, and complete understanding is difficult to achieve. It’s not just absences- it’s tardies as well. When students are tardy it sets the tone for the day- they are always trying to catch up. Students are often embarrassed as well, entering class as everyone else is already settled. They miss out on valuable socializing and camaraderie that occurs while students are getting settled and prepared for the day. In addition, for the students who struggle with organization and keeping up, being tardy severely impacts how their day will proceed. Attendance matters and we need your help!


Students arriving from 8:10 AM-9:45 AM will be counted tardy. Excessive tardies are unacceptable. Ten tardies will equal a half day absence.

HALF DAY: If the student arrives after 9:45 or leaves before 2:15 it will be counted as a half day absent.

FULL DAY ABSENCE: If a student arrives after 2:15 they will be counted absent for the full day.

Winter Break- No School

Wednesday, Dec. 19th, 12am to Wednesday, Jan. 2nd 2019 at 12am

Lacygne Elementary School, LaCygne, KS, USA

LaCygne, KS

Classes will resume on January 3rd