The music and fashion in the 60's

Different than now

The music and the fashion of the 60's

The fashion and music is different than now. Have you ever seen Bell-Bottoms. Bell-bottoms are a style of pants that people had on all the time,they were like normal pants from wasted to knees then puffy at the bottom.Do you listen to rock? If you do, you probably know who Pink Floyd is, they were a guy-band that Sanged rock. They were famous with Queen in the 60's, but died in the 2000's.see fashion and music has changed a lot.
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These days have changed since then the clothing is more sporty and the bands have more rap and hit hop.One Detection is one of the most famous boy bands around they Sing love songs and hit hop. Nike has came a long way. They use to just make shoes but now they make clothing and shoes.
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The bands are different then now . Then it was good'o rock now it's rap, people don't listen to rock as much. Pink floyed was a rock and roll band that had fame in the 60's and ended in the 70's. Clothing doesn't shin as much any more. Now clothing Is just plan colors and not just 10 colors.
60s music design and fashion

The music and fashion of the 60's

Nick tolliver